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Life at TJG would not be the same without our employee led networks.

As an organisation we are actively tackling discrimination and committed to keep on improving the experience of our employees, and our well-established employee resource groups are dedicated to championing and supporting all our colleagues – in particular under-represented and minoritised groups. 

Join our All_In network

Together All_In and our DE&I Managment Taskforce have committed to our DEI mission: 

We foster an inclusive culture that drives equality through education and collaboration. We empower and inspire innovation whilst celebrating the voices of all our people. At TJG, our greatest strength is our differences – be your whole self, we embrace it. 

You can get involved in this mission by joining our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Network, All_In – and its communities With Pride, The Black Network, Women@TJG and Anti-racism@TJG. We are also really proud to be supported by our other employee-led networks – Parents@TJG, Total Wellbeing, and Charity Matters - who work alongside our business to make at TJG more inclusive and equitable, and to give back to our communities. 

We’ll know we have succeeded when all our people feel that they can bring their whole selves to work.   

  • Anti-Racism@TJG

    We support colleagues to be actively anti-racist through education and open conversations. TJG’s anti-racism community is open to all colleagues and includes people who have experienced racism and allies. We are a safe space where colleagues can share their own experiences and where allies can learn through active listening and discussion. Our goal is to integrate anti-racism into everything we do. Let’s talk about race. 

    Recent workshops held by Anti-racism@TJG include:

    • Diversity profile and circle of influence.
    • Never Have I Ever Had That Racial Microaggression.
    • The ‘Talk’ about race with children.
    • How to ‘Call it Out’.
    • Racial Stereotypes.

    We also supported the businesses to sign up to The Big Promise.

  • The Black Network

    The Black Network was created in June 2020 as a much-needed safe space, where Black colleagues can connect with each other. We have gone on to have an incredible year of education and engagement, holding events for network members and the wider business. And as we mature as a network, we continue to provide a safe space for our members whilst working to enrich their working lives, wellbeing, and career prospects.

    Some of the work we do includes informative network-wide and company-wide presentations, coaching and career development work, social events and celebrations. This year we even launched a podcast mini-series to celebrate Windrush Day 2021 you can listen to these episodes, featuring TJG colleagues and their families, here

  • With Pride

    Our With Pride community provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies to support and celebrate each other.

    Over the last year we have grown our membership and held virtual events to raise awareness and have fun throughout the year. Pride month (June) is always a highlight for us and this year we celebrated in style with virtual drag bingo.

    But for us Pride is a year-round event and so we have lots of plans coming up. Of course, we're looking forward to being able to meet as a community in person, and we’re now focussing on making sure all our workplaces are Safe Zones for everyone.

    We'll also be empowering colleagues with resources and training. We’d love you to get involved and everyone is welcome, so if you’d like to join our community let us know!   

  • Women@TJG

    Women@TJG was established as a community within our All_In network in 2020 and it’s gone from strength to strength. A key part of our work is encouraging all colleagues to discuss and tackle tough or taboo subjects that disproportionately affect women, as well as ensuring women’s voices are heard at all levels of the business. We’re a supportive, determined and honest bunch, working to empower, uphold and celebrate women and their amazing achievements.

    Everything we do is to get us closer to gender equality and equity at work – and we have fun while we’re doing it, hosting events for Women@TJG members and the wider business. We regularly raise money for women’s causes, build awareness and educate employees about the experiences of women inside and outside the workplace. 

    Just one of the events we've held this year was an online celebration for International Women's Day. You can you can watch a recording of the event here.  

  • Total Wellbeing

    Our Total Wellbeing network promotes wellbeing for all our colleagues through advocacy, education and support. We are committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment, that enables people to prioritise their wellbeing free from judgement. We are with you.

    We also have a colleague-led community dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of men within our business – Mind Out. Mind Out is a positive and safe space for men at TJG to access support, share their concerns, and support each other when it’s needed. The community’s group’s administrators are trained in Mental Health First Aid, and anything you raise will be treated as confidential. 

  • Charity Matters

    We support charities by empowering colleagues to fundraise, campaign and fundraise for causes close to their hearts – either through fundraising, volunteering or campaigning. 

    All colleagues can take up to two days additional paid leave to volunteer for a charity of their choice. If you're joining TJG and this sounds like something you want to do, Charity Matters is here to help you use you charity days! 

  • Parents@TJG

    We provide peer-to-peer support for working parents, carers and guardians across TJG Parents@TJG work in partnership with our business to: 

    • Bring colleagues together to share experiences, knowledge, and support 
    • Work closely with our HR team to ensure our parental policies are always up to date and work for both our business and our people.
    • Help to promote an environment where everyone can thrive at work

    We’re proud of what we have achieved since establishing our network in 2020, including:

    • Providing peer-to-peer support especially during the challenges we faced in lockdown and throughout the Covid-19 crisis. We set up a drop-in for parents who were working through periods of home-schooling and this provided much needed support for colleagues.
    • Partnered with “Talking Talent” to provide a number of webinars to support parents during lockdown
    • We have a Parents@TJG rep in our business’ Remote Working Group – this helps to make sure that the needs of colleagues with caring responsibilities are considered when making decisions.
    • Working with HR to improve the experience of colleagues who take parental leave and their line managers.
  • Green Team

    At Totaljobs Group, we are making a conscious effort to protect the future of our planet.

    Our Green Team meet monthly to share ideas and take action to help us improve sustainability across all our TJG offices. We also work closely with our Axel Springer colleagues and actively contribute to the over-arching sustainability agenda of StepStone.

    The term sustainability refers to three distinct areas of improvement: Economy, Environment and Society. With this in mind, we also focus on employee well-being and encourage social sustainability through our work with charities, including our colleague charity days.

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