Life in Tech

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The tech department at Totaljobs Group has grown rapidly over the years, with the business investing heavily into building innovative solutions to help our users achieve their goals.

Our technology department is made up four tribes and 30 scrum teams spread across our London, Havant and Warsaw offices.

What can we offer you?

For us, teamwork is everything. We listen to each other, we adapt, and we value honest feedback to support our continued improvements. We are making significant investment in DevOps at scale and we will invest in you.

  • Tech stack

    Working here you’ll get to grips with the latest and greatest in the Microsoft stack. As a business we are constantly reinvesting back into technology so that we are using the most up to date languages, software and practices. Below is just a snippet of what you’ll be able to experience here:

    • C#, .Net Core MVC, CSS, jQuery, react, SQL Server
    • TDD, Agile, pair programming
    • GitHub, TeamCity, Octopus CI/CD deploy pipeline
    • AWS, Terraform, Docker Containers, ECS
    • Kibana, Grafana Dashboard and Exceptionless
    • Salesforce,, Lightning
    • Apex, VisualForce development
    • Java, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Maven
    • Cucumber, Selenium Webdriver, BDD, puppeteer
  • Hackathon

    Every year you’ll be able to take part in our much-anticipated, annual Hackathon. This is a two-day event that runs across our three tech offices – London, Havant and Warsaw.

    Working in teams you will be looking to solve real world problems that haven’t been done before in the company and often, anywhere else. Think reprogramming home assistants, creating chat bots, streamlining application processes - all of these to help jobseekers find the jobs they love, and companies hire the people they need.

    It’s always a fun day, with plenty of food, snacks and drinks on offer while we get to grips with the challenge.

  • Innovation Fridays

    The last Friday of every month is an innovation day at Totaljobs Group. Every scrum team gets the chance to build and deliver something new within a day and use a tech stack that they might not typically use on a day to day basis. Often a lot of these new products and tools that are built are then actually added to the product roadmap.

    We also get guest speakers coming to share their expertise, from a unique point of view from some technology leaders.

  • Team socials

    Each tribe and scrum team have a social budget, so that you can take a day to relax and have some fun with your colleagues over food and drinks or at a team event.. These are a great way to get to know people from all areas of the tech department and feel part of the tech community.

    We also have various communities that meet regularly, whether that be our Agile Community, Women in Tech, or others that aren’t tech specific such as a Sustainability Working Group and LGBTQ+ Network. As part of these communities you will be able to bring new ideas to the business to ensure we’re remaining at the forefront in the market and be able to make change happen, to the benefit of everyone.

A day in the life of a Totaljobs Web Developer

  • Grab a coffee or a tea and start your day with a stand up with your scrum team.
  • After a little chat, you’re ready to spin up your virtual machine and get cracking.
  • Pair with your teammates, write some tests and implement your app. Someone’s brought doughnuts in.
  • Review a pull request and deploy to production through your CI pipeline. It’s time to pat yourself on the back
  • For lunch you can attend a ‘lunch & learn’ or just enjoy some time with colleagues in one of the many local places nearby.
  • You come across a bug. Disaster? No. You huddle with your team to figure out what to do.
  • Working this up as part of a whiteboard design session, you realise that you've used a permanent marker; you quickly leave the room.
  • Design and experiment in your team retro, before heading to hang out with colleagues from other tribes at Innovation day demos with drinks and snacks. No one mentions the whiteboard. Phew.

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